Frequently asked questions

Custom order pricing is calculated case by case based on design with a $50 minimum order. Complete the Order Request Form for an estimate!

A minimum of 10 business days advance notice is needed on all orders, however, you are able to go as far out in the future as you need to reserve your space on the production calendar. All order requests are checked against the calendar for availability, and the sooner you place your order request the better chance you have of making it on the calendar.

You are welcome to submit an order request form with less than 2 weeks advance notice, however we will only be able to consider them on a space available basis. Trust me, we LOVE baking for you, so if we can fit you in we will! But no guarantees.

Decorated cookies will stay fresh up to 3 weeks in their heat sealed bags. Keep decorated cookies at room temperature and out of sunlight to avoid color fading. Putting cookies in the refrigerator or freezer can cause condensation to form on the cookies as they return to room temperature, which can dissolve and smear the royal icing. When ready to serve, you can keep them in the bag, or take them out and arrange them however you desire on your dessert table. Cookies will stay fresh up to 2 days when taken out of the bag.

If it were up to me, all orders would be delivered just in time for your event, at the peak of freshness, and devoured before ever having a chance to stale. But, I know, this isn’t how real life works. Decorated cookies will stay fresh in their heat sealed bags up to 3 weeks.

We doubt it! First, when creating cookie designs we will use a cookie shape that won’t have weak areas that can easily break off. Second, we have gotten really, REALLY, good at shipping our products to reduce breakage while en route to you. All products are securely packed in shredded paper in a pretty bakery box and then placed in a shipping box that is then filled with packing peanuts.

At this time, the bakery is operating out of my home under the NC Cottage Food law. If and when we are in a retail space we will let the world know about it!